|Data Showdown|Melbourne|Dec 2018|[Financial Forecasting using RNN, Social Media and Cloud] |Sydney DevSecOps Meetup|Sydney|September 2018|Evolutionary DevOps | |Sydney Lambda Meetup|Sydney|August 2018|Serverless Benchmarks Round 2 | |AWS Summit|Sydney|April 2018|People Driven Disruption | |The Big Security Debate|Sydney|2018|Defensive Team (Blue)| |The Big Security Debate|Sydney|Feb 2018|Offensive Team (Red)| |Sydney Lambda Meetup|Sydney|2017|Lambda Performance Comparisons|


|ServerlessConf NYC|New York|October 2017|Anticorrupting the Enterprise| |Sydney DevSecOps Meetup|Sydney|September 2017|Evolutionary DevOps | |The Container Management Debate|Melbourne|November 2017|Rancher vs Nomad vs Docker Swarm vs Kubernetes | |The Container Management Debate|Sydney|October 2017|Kubernetes vs Rancher vs Docker Swarm vs Amazon ECS | |Sydney Lambda Meetup|Sydney|20177|Enterprise Serverless|



April 2015 Sydney Microservices Meetup, covering Dropwizard, docker, devops and continuous delivery:

March 2015 University of New South Wales CSE Guest lecture to 3rd year and postgrads

Feb 2015 Trunkplatform interns. The idea was to give them a light hearted overview of our project tech stack: