SnapCI Continuous Deploy Hugo static website to AWS S3

I’ve moved my blog away from hosted in Docker to a more hands off approaching using S3 + Cloudfront. As a matter of fact, I’m moving away from Docker and Infrastructure in general for all things and do things in a serverless manner where possible. Will talk about that more in another post. I chose to stay with SnapCI to trigger page generation, instead of using something like Lambda which would be a bit more over-engineered. »

Harp to Hugo

I’ve moved my blog away from Harp to Hugo. And wrote a couple of useful tools along the way: Harp2Hugo gem to do the content conversion for meta data. Alpine Docker Hugo - available on both docker hub and My blog’s Tutum Stack and Dockerfile have been updated accordingly. Check it out if you need usage examples. I chose Hugo mainly because: has proper theme support - switch/modify themes on the fly, without hacking around your content pages. »

Jekyll to Harp

In late 2014 whilst working on AngularJS frontend apps on Herkou, I discovered and recommended Harp web server to the team. Harp is a powerful static file web server with built-in template proprocessing. It helped us eliminate much tedious build tasks and ruby gems from our static client projects. If you haven’t heard of Harp, have a read of Sintaxi’s Introducing Harp. Half a year later, I have also decided to migrate over to harp for my personal blog. »

Layon and Poole

As per v2.0.0 of this blog I’ve changed from my theme from Hyde to Layon. Both themes are based on Poole (Jekyll’s butler), released open source by the very creative Mark Otto. The main difference with Layon is that the sidebar is tucked away neatly, which I prefer for more mobile friendliness. »

Jekyll and Hyde

Jekyll and Hyde I’ve start a new blog using Jekyll with Hyde theme hosted on GitHub Pages. This is quite an refreshing change from the traditional database-based hosted blog approach I’m used to, such as Blogger or Wordpress. Such a simple yet powerful way to serve static pages where you are in full control of your content. There has been a slight knowledge curve but it’s been a good learning experience so far. »