4 Docker Success Stories in 3 Years - Docker 4th Birthday Talk

I was privileged enough to be invited to give a talk about my experiences with Docker at the Docker 4th Birthday celebration organised by Sydney Docker Meetup and hosted by AWS Sydney. 4 Success stories in 3 years - A Docker Production Journey from Yun Zhi Lin The event also allowed me to reflect back on the last few years. I’ve had a fun journey evangelising and implementing Microservices and Containerisation. »

Effectively reduce Microservices overhead using Kong and Rancher

Effective combinations of API Management and API Gateway patterns can reduce overhead and offer simplicity in a growing Microservices ecosystem. By using: API Management Layer to centralise cross cutting General Perimeter Functions. Such as: authentication, cross origin, throttling, caching. API Gateway layer to coordinate and aggregate downstream service calls into meaningful responses for upstream clients. Effectively reduce #Microservices overhead using @mashape Kong and @Rancher_Labs: https://t.co/cJxw5EzGuR pic.twitter.com/pjjAa5fY1b — Yun Zhi Lin (@yunzhilin) July 5, 2016 »