SnapCI Continuous Deploy Hugo static website to AWS S3

I’ve moved my blog away from hosted in Docker to a more hands off approaching using S3 + Cloudfront. As a matter of fact, I’m moving away from Docker and Infrastructure in general for all things and do things in a serverless manner where possible. Will talk about that more in another post. I chose to stay with SnapCI to trigger page generation, instead of using something like Lambda which would be a bit more over-engineered. »

Harp to Hugo

I’ve moved my blog away from Harp to Hugo. And wrote a couple of useful tools along the way: Harp2Hugo gem to do the content conversion for meta data. Alpine Docker Hugo - available on both docker hub and My blog’s Tutum Stack and Dockerfile have been updated accordingly. Check it out if you need usage examples. I chose Hugo mainly because: has proper theme support - switch/modify themes on the fly, without hacking around your content pages. »