Dropwizard HTTPS JerseyClient with runtime JSSE CA Certificates

For Jersey Client (or any Java web client for that matter) to connect to a SSL endpoint, the target server certificate must be installed as jssecacerts files into your JRE truststore at $JAVA_HOME\jre\lib\security. This is painful if you don’t have access to infrastructure, or don’t want to patch/update your server/base Docker container everytime your SSL certificate changes. I will show you a more elegant solution for JerseyClient/Dropwizard JerseyClient, where the certificate is loaded from file during runtime and doesn’t need to live in the JRE.

  1. Extract server certificate in JSSE format - Mkyong has a very good tutorial on extracting server certificate into jssecacerts using InstallCert.
  2. Once you have the jssecacerts file, put it inside your application’s src/main/resources folder.
  3. For a vanillar Jersey Client, you can enable HTTPS following this answer and referenced links.
  4. Dropwizard JerseyClient is built using its own JerseyClientBuilder, which you need to confirm to. The answer can be found JerseyClientBuilderTest. Simply replace the default SSLSocketConnectionFactory with one initialised using your jssecacerts TrustStore. A gist is worth a thounsand words:

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