4 Docker Success Stories in 3 Years - Docker 4th Birthday Talk

I was privileged enough to be invited to give a talk about my experiences with Docker at the Docker 4th Birthday celebration organised by Sydney Docker Meetup and hosted by AWS Sydney.

4 Success stories in 3 years - A Docker Production Journey from Yun Zhi Lin

The event also allowed me to reflect back on the last few years. I’ve had a fun journey evangelising and implementing Microservices and Containerisation. I was never a 10x Engineer nor a DevOps specialist. My position (regardless of official title) was always to lead, influence and take everyone on the same journey, so that we all get 10x results.

In the coming year my existing team of 10 will grow to 20+ across 3 countries. I have already adjusted our overall Microservices strategy to further increase productivity, decrease services overhead and most importantly, make things fun for those coming onboard the journey.


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