Dropwizard Jersey2 NewRelic Integration

In order to integrate Dropwizard 0.8.x with the in depth analytics provided by New Relic, I’ve made some enhancements to the code samples from Kyle Boon’s blog: Enabling Newrelic for Dropwizard. With Dropwizard’s upgrade to Jersey2, it’s a matter of migrating logic from ResourceMethodDispatchProvider to ApplicationEventListener and RequestDispatcher to RequestEventListener. Gist available here: »

Integrating Visual Studio with Unity3d on Mac using UnityVS Tools

I had the pleasure of attending the first ever Unite Australia conference in Melbourne back in Octorber 2014. Was given some minor discount vouchers which I used to pre-purchase a license for the upcoming Unity5 release. With plenty of ram to spare on my Macbook Pro (16GB), I thought it would be a good exercise to to run a virtualised Visual Studio to compliment Unity Editor on OSX. There has been many different approaches to this problem. »

One Game a Month

As part of my new year resolution, I have decided to take on the One Game a Month challenge as part of my ever going side project: #gamedev wisdom by @yunzhilin via #1GAM http://t.co/huTZSff52C pic.twitter.com/fYzZcokm7i — One Game A Month (@OneGameAMonth) January 10, 2015 »

Dropwizard Microservice Spike Pt 2 - Results

After spending several days experimenting with both Dropwizard and Rails, our Engineering team put the two frameworks to a democratic vote. Dropwizard emerged as the winner, mainly due the Java heavy skill set we currently possess. However Rails does also offer alot of advantages and interesting solutions to traditional problems. I personally really like Active Records and in an ideal Microservices world, both Dropwizard and Rails should be used side by side. »

Dropwizard Microservice Spike Pt 1 - Justifications

Recently at Apmasphere we have been attempting a series of architectural spikes. One of which was to move from a single monolithic cloud based application towards a more distributed Microservices architecture using RESTful APIs. The spike ran in parrallel: I’m in charge of the JVM stream while my collegaue heads the Ruby on Rails prototype. Container-less framework During the framework selection process I decided to rule out all war-based frameworks. »