4 Docker Success Stories in 3 Years - Docker 4th Birthday Talk

I was privileged enough to be invited to give a talk about my experiences with Docker at the Docker 4th Birthday celebration organised by Sydney Docker Meetup and hosted by AWS Sydney. 4 Success stories in 3 years - A Docker Production Journey from Yun Zhi Lin The event also allowed me to reflect back on the last few years. I’ve had a fun journey evangelising and implementing Microservices and Containerisation. »

Unity3d C# 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0 integration with Jetbrains Rider

Last year I wrote about Integrating Visual Studio with Unity3d on Mac using UnityVS Tools. However the solution was still not ideal for me due to: Maintaining a VM on a Mac purely for Visual Studio is quite overkill. Being experienced with IntelliJ, I found VS less familiar even with ReSharper. Unity Dev with Visual Studio Code is alot more light weight, cross-platform and well documented. Perfect for VS users. »

SnapCI Continuous Deploy Hugo static website to AWS S3

I’ve moved my blog away from hosted in Docker to a more hands off approaching using S3 + Cloudfront. As a matter of fact, I’m moving away from Docker and Infrastructure in general for all things and do things in a serverless manner where possible. Will talk about that more in another post. I chose to stay with SnapCI to trigger page generation, instead of using something like Lambda which would be a bit more over-engineered. »

Effectively reduce Microservices overhead using Kong and Rancher

Effective combinations of API Management and API Gateway patterns can reduce overhead and offer simplicity in a growing Microservices ecosystem. By using: API Management Layer to centralise cross cutting General Perimeter Functions. Such as: authentication, cross origin, throttling, caching. API Gateway layer to coordinate and aggregate downstream service calls into meaningful responses for upstream clients. Effectively reduce #Microservices overhead using @mashape Kong and @Rancher_Labs: https://t.co/cJxw5EzGuR pic.twitter.com/pjjAa5fY1b — Yun Zhi Lin (@yunzhilin) July 5, 2016 »

Reference Docker Infrastructure on Tutum

Docker is disruptive, but at the end of the day you need somewhere to deploy it. And if you are sensible you want would to do it in the cloud, even if you are a bank. Earlier in 2015 I took a punt and moved our entire Docker infrastructure from self-hosted Deis to Tutum. Tutum has since been acquired by Docker. It took me 2 days to get the initial infrastructure migrated. »